A Conversation with Michigan State Students

My college years still feel like yesterday. There are few things that excite more than speaking to today’s undergraduates who are studying financial planning.  So, when a student from Michigan State University emailed me about appearing on their podcast, I said yes without hesitation. How cool is it that students are creating their own podcasts? I am trying to remember if we did anything productive with our free time in Athens, Georgia.

You can listen to my conversation with Costa Gianiodis here. Their weekly show is titled MSU WMA: Michigan State Wealth Management.

The financial planning program at my alma mater, the University of Georgia, was developed after I graduated. Instead, I majored in Finance which was a great foundation for taking and passing the CFA exams. However, I had no background in the skillset it takes to help clients create and maintain their financial plans. If I were a student today, I would double major in Finance and Financial Planning. The fact that these programs exist gives me an optimistic outlook on the future of our profession.

Thanks for having me on as guest.



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