Happy New Year from Paris

I am taking the last week of the year off. I’ve been in Paris since the day after Christmas, with my husband. This is our first time away from our children since before the pandemic and the first time away from our daughter, who turns 2 in February. We miss them dearly, but we needed this break. I am sure all parents of young children can relate. Parenting little ones during the pandemic has been tough, both physically and emotionally.

We are sleeping late, eating tons of delicious food, and walking around looking at beautiful things. Our Airbnb rental in the 6th arrondissement is a picture-perfect Parisian apartment. It’s an actual home, too, not one of those commercial Airbnb places furnished with Ikea. The owners have impeccable taste, and we get to enjoy the last legs of their adorable Christmas tree. I hope they are skiing in the Alps or doing something equally French chic for their vacances.

Bonjour from Paris and Bonne Annee!



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