How I Invest My Money

I am excited to announce that I contributed a chapter to a beautiful book “How I Invest My Money” co-edited by my CEO Josh Brown and friend Brian Portnoy. The official publication date is November 17, and you can pre-order your copy here. The genesis of this book is a blog post written by Josh with the same title in July 2019. In it, Josh explains how he invests and more importantly, why he invests.

The book is compilation of chapters written by 25 financial professionals, including Josh and Brian. The one and only Carl Richards, of the Behavior Gap, illustrated custom sketches for each chapter. I am still pinching myself about having a custom Behavior Gap sketch. Here it is.

Custom sketch for my chapter by Carl Richards

In late March, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, Josh called to ask if I would be interested in contributing to this project. Of course I said yes. Somehow, despite being locked inside with a 3-year-old desperate for the structure of his preschool and a newborn baby, I forced myself to write it. This is proof that my best writing comes when I am under the gun and the pressure is on. When the editor from Harriman-House returned my chapter for final review, I asked him for the marked-up copy, so that I could see his changes. There was only one, minor typo.

You can check out Josh talking to Carl Richards about the book here.

I am beyond honored to be part of this book along with dear friends and financial experts whom I look up to and admire.



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