Machiavelli For Women

On this special episode of This Week in Women LIVE, I spoke to Stacey Vanek Smith (yes, the one from NPR’s The Indicator!) about her new book, Machiavelli For Women, which is out this week. Stacey has written the most practical book of advice for women seeking success in the workplace, and she does it using wisdom from Machiavelli’s The Prince.

Remember The Prince? “It is better to be feared than loved” and “Slaughter your enemies”. Stacey dives deep in the text and pulls out nugget after nugget of advice that applies to the modern-day problem women face at work. She goes there. All the way there. From cringe-worthy advice about dressing more feminine/masculine, depending on your personality, to not talking about your baby when you return from maternity leave.

But with the gender pay gap hanging stubbornly at 80 cents for white women, and much less for BIPOC women, maybe it’s time for some difficult conversations and advice. Check out our fun conversation from yesterday.


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