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The Trillion Dollar Opportunity in Supporting Female Entrepreneurs

Harvard Business Review

Closing the gender gap in entrepreneurship and fueling the growth of women-owned enterprises will unleash new ideas, services, and products into markets around the world.

Strength in Numbers: How Women from Twitter, Facebook, and Uber are Teaming Up to Fund Silicon Valley’s Future

Emma Hinchliffe for Fortune

These investors would certainly love to find the next Facebook, but they’re more mission-driven than their predecessors of a decade ago. Given their makeup, all are attuned to the gender dynamics of Silicon Valley—even if they’re not exclusively backing women.

Pregnancy Discrimination is Alive and Well: 41 Years after the Passage of Federal Legislation

Tech by Vice

By the end of the year, she would lose her promotion, give birth to a baby who would live less than an hour, and, in the throes of grief, be asked to end her paid maternity leave early

When Locker Room Talk if Office Talk and Women’s Bodies are for Touching

Part 5 of Sonya Dreizler’s Series Do Better on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Assault in Financial Services

I was walking down the hallway inside the office. I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to wait for the head trader to catch up. This mid-50s, cheerful father-figure says, “That’s fine, keep walking, I am enjoying the view.” 

The Trends of Limited Access to C-Suite for Women of Color …

Monica McCoy on LinkedIn

When it comes to African-American women, there are currently not any African-American female CEOs of S&P 500 Companies. It was definitely a very inspiring moment to witness Ursula Burns be named the first African-American female Fortune 500 CEO in 2009.

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