This Week in Women

Job or Kids? One in three working moms forced to choose as pandemic enters year two

One attorney faked leaving her house every day, got in her car, and waved goodbye to her 3-year old, then sneaked back in the house to work upstairs, Damon said. Others put red-light/green-light signs on guestroom doors so they could “teach the kids to follow those instructions and not interrupt.”

Child care tax credit in stimulus bill could be a ‘game changer’ for families

“It’s amazing that, on a federal level, they’re really acknowledging that child care needs to have a funding source outside parents,” Barter said. “We might be turning a corner. This might be the best thing that happens to child care in a long time.”

NCAA acknowledges ‘disrespectful’ differences in amenities at men’s and women’s tournaments

Pictures surfaced Thursday showing the stark differences in gifts that were presented to women’s basketball players compared to men’s. Stanford sports performance coach Ali Kershner posted photos of the facilities inside the Indianapolis bubble compared to the San Antonio bubble.

Families of victims in Atlanta spa shootings trying to make sense of tragedy

Atlanta police said Thursday they worked with the Korean consulate to identify the women killed at the two Piedmont Road spas. The shootings rattled two metro Atlanta communities, leaving the victims’ families devastated and people across the globe struggling for answers.

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