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100 Women Making their Mark on the World of Finance

Women are also achieving greater prominence and power in the private sector, and particularly in the world of finance, where Citigroup(ticker: C) CEO Jane Fraser just became the first woman to lead a major U.S. money-center bank. Thasunda Brown Duckett, a JPMorgan Chase(JPM) executive, was recently named CEO of TIAA, the $1.3 trillion-in-assets financial-services firm. And Stacey Cunningham heads the New York Stock Exchange, while Adena Friedman is president and CEO of Nasdaq(NDAQ), which owns the other major U.S. stock exchange.

Mary Daly CEO, President Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Photo: David Paul Morris


Industry needs to think differently about how it can serve women better

Portfolio management is particularly devoid of women, for example, Morningstar found that in the United States, the ratio of male to female fund managers is 9 to 1.

21 Ways LSU hid or suppressed information about sexual misconduct 

LSU interim president Tom Galligan publicly apologized Friday for the way LSU has approached sexual harassment and assault. Galligan pledged to reorganize LSU’s Title IX office, which handles sexual misconduct, and said the school would clarify sexual misconduct policies and expectations. Husch Blackwell suggested in its report that the university take these steps.

Rianka Dorsainvil: How Advisors Can Educate Themselves on the African-American Experience

As we continue to peel back these layers in an effort to move the next generation of wealth-builders forward, we must focus on helping our African American clients better understand how finances work and be supportive in their goals to blend their old world with a new one.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s incredible thread on American women in the workplace

In Michigan, Women Hold Power: Not everyone seems comfortable with that. 

“Misogyny does happen, subtly and blatantly,” said Democratic state Sen. Erika Geiss, one of the women described by a male lawmaker as having “shrill outrage” when she made a statement on the Senate floor last May about partisanship. “It is problematic, and it has been problematic for years.”


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