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About the Apple Card

Jamie Heinemeier Hansson

After her husband David set off a tweetstorm about the disparity in their approved credit limits for the new AppleCard, managed by Goldman Sachs, Jamie chimed in with her side of the story. And no one could have said it better.

It matters for the woman struggling to start a business in a world that still seems to think women can’t be as successful or creditworthy as men. It matters to the wife trying to get out of an abusive relationship. It matters to minorities harmed by institutional biases. It matters to so many. And so it matters to me.

Roula Kalaf becomes the first female editor of the Financial Times in its 131 year history


Ignoring Women Costs Finance Firms $700B per Year

Emily Cadman for Bloomberg

The problems are compounded by lack of women in senior management in the finance industry. Just 20% of finance executives globally are women, up from 16% in 2016, the report said.

Why Employers Favor Men

Dina Gerdeman for Quartz

With statistical discrimination, you have certain beliefs about men versus women and what they can do, and given those beliefs, you choose the person who you think is the best person to hire. You are simply acting in a way that you think will maximize your profits  …. Blair here – in other words, they discriminate against women!

Are Early Stage Investors Biased Against Women?

Elisabetta Basilico, PhD, CFA for Alpha Architect

YES, female-led startups experience significantly more difficulty garnering interest and raising capital from male investors compared to observably similar male-led startups. In particular, women are less successful with male investors, even controlling for a battery of startup/founder characteristics.

A female management team and on-site childcare? Yes, this is a tech startup.

Caroline Fairchild on LinkedIn

Carlson and co-founder Brittany Stich find themselves among the few venture-backed female-founded teams and one of five to reach a $1 billion valuation or more this year.

Women Thanking Women on Twitter

Marion Asnes started a beautiful trend (or at least included me in to a beautiful trend) of thanking other women on Twitter. I was at a loss to pick a Top 10 list, and so many women were being repeated. So my contribution is sharing this amazing thread with you here. Please connect with and follow these amazing women. 

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