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MBA Applications Down, but Gender Equity at Business School is Up

Forte Foundation 

Every year we see women’s enrollment inch up at business schools. The progress over 5-year intervals, in particular, demonstrates a significant shift in gender parity at top business schools. At this pace, we’re confident we’ll reach our goal of 40% women’s enrollment by 2020

Kylie Jenner Sell Stake in Cosmetics Business to Coty for $600 Million


Women Desert Trading Floors as Bias Blocks Path to Management

Charlotte Ryan for Bloomberg

Banks say they are trying to hire and promote women, and several pointed to specific programs and goals. But upper levels of management don’t show it. None of the top 10 investment banks has a woman running global currencies trading, according to information provided by the banks.

Female Advisors Start their own Firms to Prosper

Coryanne Hicks for U.S. News

In 2018, the median weekly earnings among female personal financial advisors was $1,207 compared to $1,647 for men, according to the CPS. That amounts to the median male advisor earning $22,880 more annually than the median female financial advisor.

Why this orthopedic surgeon insists women should ‘sit like a man’

Elizabeth Kiefer for Washington Post

Her self-diagnosis turned into a lightbulb realization that she quickly began sharing with patients: Women’s genetic predisposition to be knock kneed is only exacerbated by what Bergin, in her Texan twang, calls “sitting ladylike,” with knees together or legs or ankles crossed.

The End of Babies

Anna Louie Sussman for The New York Times Opinion

Declining fertility typically accompanies the spread of economic development, and it is not necessarily a bad thing. At its best, it reflects better educational and career opportunities for women, increasing acceptance of the choice to be child-free, and rising standards of living.



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