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Return to Office? Some Women of Color Aren’t Ready

“This was the first year that I haven’t had my hair commented on and touched without permission in my professional life,” she said. “I actually like not having to go into the office and be constantly reminded that I’m the only Black woman there.”

Simone Biles Tackles Her Trolls In New, Empowering Short Film Series From SK-II

Biles’s episode is just one within SK-II’s overall, six-episode “VS” Series, which merges animation and live action with meaningful storytelling. Set to a vibrant, pulsing score, each episode focuses on a different Olympic athlete as they challenge their own inner demons (trolls, pressure, image obsession, rules, limitations, machinelike mindsets).

Review: ‘Sisters on Track,’ ‘LFG’ and the Price of Star Power

“Sisters on Track” shows a family working within the imperfect system that controls the financial rewards available to them. By contrast, the subjects of “LFG,” (it stands for a soccer rallying cry), are looking to upend the entire pay structure of their sport. The documentary follows the U.S. women’s soccer team as the players pursue a lawsuit against their employer, the United States Soccer Federation, for institutionalized sex discrimination.

From left, Brooke, Rainn and Tai Sheppard in the documentary “Sisters on Track.”Credit...NETFLIX

From left, Brooke, Rainn and Tai Sheppard in the documentary “Sisters on Track.” Credit…NETFLIX

Is the Future of Offshore Fishing Female?

Amal Samaleh used to beg her father to take her along on fishing trips with her brothers and still remembers the day he got her hopes the highest. “Of course he never woke me up,” she said. “I was 7, and since then I’ve harbored resentment about fishing.”

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