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Do Something Outrageous! Gloria Steinem talks anger and survival

Heather Wood Rudulph for The Riveter

Just about every woman, whether a parent or child-free, worries about girls. We all live in the same world that victimizes and vilifies them and holds them up as beacons of hope while stripping them of their voices, and their freedoms. We need girls to succeed, so how can we help them do so without losing themselves? “We have to remember they are watching us,” Steinem says. “Every time we pass a mirror and criticize our bodies or compromise ourselves, they are watching. Every time we let our sons have more freedom than our daughters, a girl sees it. What we do is what we teach. Don’t tell girls what to do, but listen to them. We have to listen. Only when you listen do you realize you have something to say.”

Bad News About Women on Boards

Financial Times

The researchers had a hunch that investors think boosting board diversity is a sign that a company is more interested in social goals than maximising shareholder value.

‘Don’t Mess with Me’: Nancy Pelosi Flexes her Muscles

New York Times

She wagged her finger at the reporter and stormed back to the podium. Then, staring straight at the camera, she delivered a dramatic retort.

Alberto-Culver Heir Navigates a Thorny Family Business Succession

Wall Street Journal

Ms. Lavin Bernick has several pieces of advice for heirs apparent. First, it is important to have their own business successes at the family company. Second, she stresses the importance of persistent and ongoing communication with the founder parent. Lastly, heirs need to be ready to walk away from the family business if their parent refuses to listen.

Podcast: How Women of Color Can Own Their Success

Secrets of Wealthy Women from The Wall Street Journal




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