This Week in Women

The Senior Investment Role That’s Dominated by Women

“I came from a mainstream background. At large conferences, there would only be one or two women in the room,” said Sarah Bratton Hughes, global head of sustainability solutions at Schroders. “As soon as I went to my first sustainability conference, it was full of women.”

Female Advisers: Five Reasons Why They’re a Better Fit Than Ever

As I suggested in “Suddenly Single: How to Plan with Female Clients,” planning to be single might not be a fun conversation, but it is arguably a very important one given that 90% of married women will end up needing to manage their own finances at some point due to divorce or widowhood. This trend has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Why Rent the Runway’s CEO believes its $357 million IPO is a ‘step forward’ for female founders

“Women lack capital … and I hope that our IPO is a step forward for all women-led companies,” says Hyman, who has been outspoken about the lack of venture funding—and the heightened scrutiny—facing female founders.


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