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‘Queen of Thanksgiving’ Martha Stewart Cooks Up New Batch of Ethereum NFTs

The collection has a range of price points, from $100 for a photorealistic image to $1,000 for an impressionist rendition. Palette knife, watercolor and oil painting restyles cost $500. The most expensive NFT in the collection is the animated NFT, which is currently up for auction on OpenSea. Bids for the piece start at 3 ETH.

These are the new balloons at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

You may not recognize Ada Twist, but the young kids in your life might. The star of the Netflix show “Ada Twist, Scientist” will take her rightful place among the animated elite this year. Though the show is new, debuting its first and, so far, only season in 2021, Netflix has renewed it for a season two.

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

India’s all-female news outlet faces sexism, death threats. A new film tells the story

“As rural Dalit women, the paper’s staff are pathbreakers across gender and caste, navigating myriad challenges and prejudices that have intensified through the years,” the IWMF said in a press release.

The college gender gap is one of those slow-boiling trends that has built over several decades, and it reflects women pursuing higher education at greater rates than ever before, while college-going rates among men have stalled for reasons that mystify experts. The gap in graduation rates is even larger, because male undergraduates are less likely to complete their degree.

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