This Week in Women – COVID-19 Week Two

It was another wild week for financial markets and for the day to day lives of Americans. Thursday’s 10% decline in U.S. stocks was the largest single day drop since the October 1987 crash. It was followed by an equally historic gain of 9.5% on Friday, as the President declared the COVID-19 coronavirus a national emergency. The NBA and NHL suspended their seasons. At first the NCAA planned to play its tournament without fans, but quickly cancelled March Madness. The Masters golf tournament is cancelled. RIP spring sports. Universities announced dormitory closures and remote classes for the remainder of the semester. K-12 public schools in several states followed suit, including here in Louisiana where schools will close until mid April.

In the markets, volatility begets more volatility. Expect more big moves in the days and weeks to come. The good news is that the U.S. is finally taking this pandemic seriously. The number of confirmed cases should increase substantially as we ramp up testing, revealing what we should all know by now – the virus is everywhere.

Yet the world continues one. Here are some of the biggest stories involving women this week.

“Not Good Enough”: How Rep. Katie Porter’s Relentless Questioning Led the CDC Chief to Commit to Free Coronavirus Testing

Washington Post

“Doctor Redfield,” she asked, “do you want to know who has the coronavirus and who doesn’t? Not just rich people, but everybody who might have the virus?”

How Seattle Flu Study Defied Federal Government to Test for Coronavirus


The state’s early detection of coronavirus began with Seattle Flu Study Director Dr. Helen Chu, who is credited with first identifying its presence in Washington.

“She’s a true American hero, [who] actually broke this epidemic identified in Washington state when no one else wanted her to test for the virus,” Harvard Chan School of Public Health epidemiologist Dr. Eric Ding told KIRO Radio’s Gee and Ursula Show. “Without her, this epidemic could have been 10 times worse.”

Why U.S. Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro Had to Resign

Grant Wahl, Sports Illustrated

There is no other conclusion that can be reached after the federation showed shockingly poor judgment approving official language from U.S. Soccer claiming that the job of a men’s national team player requires a higher level of skill and ability than the job of a women’s national team player.

Mexico Grinds to a Halt as Women Strike to Protest Gender Violence

Juan Montes, Wall Street Journal

“This is a turning point for the feminist movement in Mexico,” said Luz Estrada, head of the National Citizens’ Observatory of Femicide, an advocacy group. “It is an awakening of consciousness. Women are not willing to remain silent anymore in the face of violence and discrimination.”

International Women’s Day 2020 – Women Are So Money

Meredith Jones

I LOVE this nursery rhyme Meredith Jones wrote for women.


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