Best of the Belle Curve in 2019

As another calendar year comes to a close, here are the most read posts on the Belle Curve in 2019. Thank you for following along, reading, and sharing your comments. Investing and financial planning specific topics ranked high on the list, and I will try to focus more on these areas in 2020.

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More Money, More Problems? 

This is also the end of a decade. Ten years ago, I was a newly single, late 20-something professional who had just moved in to her own studio apartment in midtown Manhattan with an elevator and a doorman. I had just earned my CFA Charter and would complete the CFP exam in three months.  I met and married my match, moved to New Orleans, bought a house, had my first son, and am awaiting the arrival of my second child in a few short weeks. I doubt any decade of my life will be marked by such transformational change. Now I feel I am entering the prime of my career as an advisor.

This next decade is about rushing head first into that role, working with as many clients as my schedule allows, then helping the next generation of advisors who join our firm. I look forward to my children entering elementary school, leaving behind their toddler emotions and carseats, and watching them learn about the world. I hope to read more books, travel, and spend more time with friends who live in different cities. I am excited just thinking about all the surprises that are in store for the 2020s.

Happy New Year!

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